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Check it OUT!

2008-04-20 03:23:08 by Crummy-Sleepy

New movie i made!
Sniper Take Down.
My lates flash.
really cool.
Spot the sniper in this picture...

Check it OUT!


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2008-04-20 08:26:33

aha yes i see it >: D

(beforehand, i didn't even know there was supposed to be a sniper there)

could be the sketchy image quality as well

i mean it could be anything


2008-05-15 00:01:36

hmmm i took me a sec too find him

really good except i cant see his sniper


2008-06-02 07:55:42

i see it oh and your latest flash was good very uniqe in its own way i voted 3/5


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